Leaving Mommy-Hustle Culture Behind

Over the last several years, hustle culture seems to have permeated the world. A generation of Millennials just trying to find a place to fit and a way to survive. And, millennial moms desiring a way to be with their families while also providing for them.

It has honestly become toxic to our already struggling mental health. I mean, there’s a reason a whole generation of us are relating to Luisa’s song from Encanto so much (blog post about that coming soon).

So, in 2022, it’s time to ditch the hustle culture. Completely leave it behind us as we make our way in a crazy new world. There’s no place for hustle in our hearts.

Honestly, hustle leaves no room for anything else.
Hustle leaves no room for rest.

And, unfortunately, it’s permeated everything.
The corporate field, the stay-at-home field, and everything in between.
The last two years have just made it worse: hustle more because the world is in shambles, while our mental health suffers and we don’t feel safe anymore.

The hustle affects us and our kids:
Too many activities
Never bored
No imaginative, free play
Time with parents always impacted by parents’ work or kids’ activities

It’s honestly so much, it’s no wonder it keeps our anxiety up, we burn out, and our overall health suffers. Meanwhile, kids’ mental health issues are on the rise as well, while education is suffering (in and out of the classroom).

But, we’re starting to get wise.

Millennials are starting to realize that giving our time over and above what is required (for free) is taking us from the things that matter:
Focus & Rest
Our spirits
Quality of Life

This is true whether we are out in the corporate world working unpaid overtime, trying to be a stay at home parent working several jobs to provide, or over scheduling kids so we’re constantly on the go with no time together just so our kids can get ahead.
This reality can’t continue, and until we take a step back, find a new way, and choose differently, it won’t change.

This is a generational thing.
We are not in this alone.
Other moms and dads (and millennials without kids, too), feel the same way.
We are lonely.
We are overworked.
We are burnt out.

For those of us blessed with support systems, we have ways to share the load. But, I can’t help but think of all the moms I’ve encountered recently who don’t have people to share the load. How heartbreaking to know that.

So, this year, let’s let go of the hustle.
Let’s retrain ourselves, find new ways, and embrace focus and rest.
Let’s pay attention to our souls (after all, when Jesus needed to see to His spirit, He went away to the quiet places and rested His soul, even when the world was still demanding of Him).
Let’s take some things off of our own plates; and, if we have kids, off the plates of our kids.
Let’s learn to create food at home that nourishes mind/body/spirit that also saves us money; but also just enjoy food we enjoy.
Let’s experience the world, get into nature, enjoy the sunshine, and reconnect with ourselves and those we love.
Let’s choose joy, create happiness, and cultivate what matters.

I know, all of that sounds like more work, right? And, here we are trying to let go of hustle culture. But all of those things aren’t about work, they are about replacing work with rest. Replacing life-draining activities with life-giving activities.

And, if you want some help along the way, follow along on the blog.
This year, I’ll be sharing my own journey to let go of hustle and embrace focus and rest. And, along the way, I’ll also be sharing:
Tips & tricks
Little moments of joy and gratitude
Personal poetry and stories
Actual resources and practices you can use to do this in your own life
CBT/REBT coaching for changing mindset and adapting your life
Stories of motherhood, chronic illness, and burnout
Building community of mommas learning to survive and thrive

I really want you along for the ride.
I’m doing this no matter who comes along, but I’d love to have others ready to make the shift, too.
I’m doing this for my own sanity, and for my kids.
Let’s do it together.

What are some ways you need to let go of hustle? What ways can you embrace focus and rest? Will you join me this year, and see how we can make a big change for our own mental health and for our families?

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