From Therapist to Life Coach: Why I Switched and What’s Next?

Honestly, I’ve been pretty quiet around here the last 6-9 months. We made a big cross-country move, and I was trying to adjust. I was also trying to find my voice, letting the fear/insecurity take over.

I wasn’t completely down for the count during that time. I also released a 31 day guided journal and 2 fiction novels during that time. I was also working behind the scenes at Soul Cadence Creative – to re-imagine what things would be like moving forward.

I’ve been holding myself back a lot since I took a step back from being a therapist to be a mom and life-coach. I got a great education, and I know some people think it’s a bad move, that I’m giving up on things. But, I know this is the path for me.

Still, I feel to be taken seriously in the noise of all the so-called coaches out there, I have to wear my education and experience like a banner. Or, that others will think less of me for the move I’ve made.

The fact is, though, that God gave me a vision of my life – of what I’d be doing, and therapy was the closest avenue I found at the time that I was beginning my career. So, I went with it.

And, boy am I thankful that I did. I have such an amazing understanding of the way we humans tick, I can clearly see that most people try to pass of watered down psychology/made up principles as coaching, and I know that the programs I’ve taken are better versions of how we can help others who are future focused but not looking for that therapy piece. I have a better grasp of how to help people change and grow, and that benefits the clients I work with.

So many moms (and women in general) are walking around burnt out, overwhelmed, emotionally tapped, and living with functional anxiety.
They want to set goals they can stick to.
They want calm, peace, and joy in the day to day.
They had visions for their lives, and somewhere along the way, they seem to have forgotten them.
They know they have good things in front of them, but struggle to see past what they’ve given up.
They feel like they lost themselves, who they truly were, when life took over and they had to become an “adult”.
And, many of us have done this after being raised by people who weren’t quite emotionally regulated themselves, so we’re just figure it out on our own as we grow.
There are so many women out there finding themselves: exhausted, overwhelmed, discouraged, lonely, discontent, frazzled, foggy, and anxious.
And, they just want to experience that peace, calm, and joy – enjoying the family, love, and life right in front of them.

And, while coaching doesn’t dig into the past and heal people that way (the way therapy does – and does well when utilized well); what coaching does do is teach the skills and make the changes in the moment, that will make a difference in the present and future.

Coaching is present and future focused, and works so the client finds those results now and moving forward.
Clients are able to set the goals they want and reach them.
They find the tools to match their vision, expectation, intentions, and action to build and live the life they love. The life they likely were a lot closer to than they realized.
Coaching helps them move from feeling too much or not enough – undervalued & unappreciated – to realizing where their value comes from and appreciating it in themselves. Discovering that others are even more receptive to those truths now that they know them deep down.
Coaching helps them embrace all of themselves and move forward in life with confidence, assertiveness, and assurance.

These are the kinds of changes I love in coaching. I love the motivation and commitment people make in themselves, showing themselves love, and working to heal moving forward, even if they know some of the past may never be resolved.

I love being able to partner with people who choose to heal both ways: past and present/future. I want to see that healing and growth happen, but also recognize, some people do well just moving forward. Or, they’ve done a lot of the groundwork, and now just need the skills and tools to grow forward.

For me, it’s also about building community. Because none of this happens in a vacuum.
It’s about helping these women retell themselves the story of their lives. Re-framing and re-discovering the beauty that’s already there.
It’s about highlighting her strengths, existing solutions, and potential.

And, it’s beautiful. It’s empirically supported. And, it is a way of breathing light into someone’s darkness.

So, what does this mean moving forward?
Well, for me, it means restructuring things. God gave me a vision, but I’ve been letting the noise of business gurus cloud my mind for the better part of two years. No more of that.

They say only have one offer or you’ll muddy the waters. Well, my God never worried about water, He just pushed it to the side, so we’re just going with it anyway.
They say you can’t start with groups, because you need practice. Well, I’ve been envisioning groups since High School, and have had so many others speak life over this vision, to ignore it would be foolish.
They say you have to have 5 figure months to be successful. Around here, we’re aiming for what will sustain our family. So, each client will know they aren’t just a price, but still a person with a journey to be respected.

So, I’m breaking all the rules.
I’m opening a group coaching and some individual spots.
I’ll have small group cohorts to establish built in communities for a group of women who need it most: moms who often feel isolated and alone.
The individual clients won’t miss out on the community, though. My Soul Cadence Village will be open to all clients for LIFE. It’s like a refresher, or continuing education, or follow-up support, if you will.
I’m charging less than most coaches would, and less than most business gurus will tell you to, because they are about the hustle. Around here, I’m allergic to hustle, and prefer harmony & rhythm. So, that’s what I lean into.

If you think you’re going to want to work with me, make sure to sign up for my newsletter to hear when the doors officially re-open, and to get all the pricing info and everything. I work with moms who are overwhelmed, burnt-out, and emotionally tapped, but want to live beautiful, peaceful, and joy-filled lives, right where they are.

So, sign up for the newsletter, and stick around here, because you won’t want to miss out.

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