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Holiday Burnout Solution

Handling this holiday season with less burn out. Want to get the ebook and video workshop?
Holidays often bring a lot of joy, but they can also bring with
them a lot of stress. Join us for a brief live workshop and
learn ways to manage holiday stress and have minimal burnout.
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Helping women manage burn out, overwhelm, and anxiety through therapeutic and restorative coaching.

Coaching women to strengthen interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills and rediscover themselves in major stages of life (new jobs, motherhood, life transitions). We can often lose ourselves in this burn out and overwhelm or life transitions, but we are still ourselves, or we are growing into ourselves.
Through therapeutic and interpersonal coaching (counseling), I use expressive arts techniques & EFT training, along with other coaching techniques with women to help them on their healing and rejuvenation journeys.
Coaching is about life as it is now, and healing moving forward. I’m pleased to partner with my clients to heal, grow, and thrive in relationships, self-care, and identity.

Individual Sessions
($80 intake/$70 sessions [sold in four or eight week bundles for discount pricing])

Work with me one on one to increase interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills. Let me help you manage burnout, fall in love with yourself again, and live a high quality life. We start where you are now, determine your goals, and work toward healing, growing, and thriving in relationships, jobs, self-care, and identity.

Group Support (coming soon)

Group coaching program for moms: let me help you improve interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills & find yourself after motherhood in order to manage burn out better and increase your quality of life. Do this with the built in support of other moms in your cohort.


As a writer and author, I blog about all the things related to motherhood, mental health, burnout management, living a life you love, and more. As an author, find my fiction and non fiction books available. Looking for a romantic suspense or contemporary romance? I’ve got you covered. Looking for devotionals or self-help? I’ve got some of those, too.

Soul Cadence Creative was born out of a passion to help women find their perfect cadence in life.

Candice Jeneé (Catoire-Coppock)

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