Spiritual Self-care

The longer I’m on this path God has led me down, the more passionate I become about self-care.

But, self-care goes so much deeper than just manicures & pedicures (though, those can be nice…got a manicure today myself).

We are made up of body, soul, spirit.
We have to take care of ourselves a whole being.

Neglecting our spiritual well-being isn’t going to get us anywhere. I’m more convinced of that each day, and the more I study His word:

  • Jesus often went off on his own, in order to become spiritually recharged – Luke 5:16 tells us that he did this often, separating himself out to go pray. He even leads by example in Gethsemane (Luke 22).
  • David’s Psalms were from the depths of his spirit, and His heart after God’s is evident even in his saddest and angriest.
  • God designed it so that we would have a Sabbath – a Holy Day to set aside to rest and care for our spirit.

Unfortunately, this is often the area that is so easily neglected.

I have a theory on this:
it’s much easier to attend to what we can see, so we neglect that which we cant see.

We can tell when our body aches from sickness or working too hard. We can tell when our house needs tending to or when our yard may need some TLC.

But, when it comes to the inside of us: our mental, emotional, and spiritual health, well, those often don’t get care until they affect our body.

We do things all the time to care for our body when sick, and we do things to prevent illness; yet, we often don’t follow the same principles for those “invisible” needs we may have.

That’s why, I keep my Bible & journal right by bed, easy reach.

How I end the day (most days, some days, unfortunately, I am guilty of neglecting my spirit).

It’s why, as I am writing this, doing my devotions, and readying myself for a restful sleep, I am diffusing Joy (™ Young Living) & Frankincense oils.

Some favorite oils in a favorite diffuser for a restful night.

These make tending to my spirit easy.

So, I want to encourage you to begin looking for ways to begin to feed your spirit.
Find ways each day to participate in spiritual practices, getting in tune with your faith and the world around you.
Set up your life to make it easier to tend to your spirit. (And, if that doesn’t work, put things into place to make it more difficult not to do so).

Spiritual self-care is paramount.

If you are in a helping, service, or ministry profession, you may find it even more imperative, as the work you do in getting into others’ brokenness can tend to wear you down faster. 

Our spirits have such a big impact on our overall health and wellness, I would actually argue it is the biggest area of necessity we have.

I leave you with this request: please find ways to care for your spirit this week.

Lord, please help us turn to you. Feed our spirits. May we learn from Christ’s example to remove ourselves and connect with you often. Remind us if our spirit is in need, we are in need. Provide opportunities to each of us this week to care for our spirits, drawing us closer to You as the center of our lives. Thank you. 

♥♠♦♣ -Tiny_Nephesh ©


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