Minimalism & Self-care

What a weekend it has been…a lot of work has been done on my tiny Nephesh ♥ I will be posting progress soon…

Tonight, though, I wanted to write about this process of downsizing…

Ugh, that’s such a dirty word. But, necessary for “going tiny”.

Right now, I live in about 1100 ft² of living space, space to fill. And, fill it I have.

It’s not what I want, though. I’ve talked before about how hard this part is for me, my stuff holds so many memories, and keeps me feeling safe/cared for/insert other good feeling here.

However, I have a dream that doesn’t involve being burdened by a lot of worldly goods…

So, I took a look at this word minimalism tonight…and look:


It’s the perfect word for what I’m doing: going tiny…that little prefix at the beginning even suggests it: mini. Mini-malism.

But, it’s not about a mini life. It’s about a mini amount of stuff to make room for a BIG LIFE.

I’ve started to come to appreciate this downsizing process as a critical piece of self-care for me.


If you’ve spent any time on my personal blog, you probably know self-care is a big deal for me. I’m even working on a self-care ebook for those in the mental health & ministry fields (but, really for anyone, just with some focus on helping professions).

So, it’s become a part of that for me. A reminder of what my dream is, what I’m working towards.

The payoff for letting go is a high reward of the life I envision.

I cannot wait to see how this adventure unfolds before me. I cannot wait to see what letting go allows me to attain later on. I cannot wait to see some drastic life changes come from this entire experience.

I am so thankful for all of you joining me on the journey. If you have any tips for downsizing or for minimal living, share them below. Let me know. I am very new to this mini-living thing and am taking as many tips as I can get.

♥♠♦♣ -Tiny_Nephesh


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