Where was Love?

The title of the article captured me: The Opposite of Addiction is Connection... What an interesting thought. I haven't had time to read the article, but I intend to. Especially now, following the events of Sunday night. Just as hate cannot coexist with love. And after an event like this, we can't help but wonder, where was … Continue reading Where was Love?

Be Loved

Be Loved Tonight, we had an event at my church, and I went to help out, to serve. But, I didn't really expect to get anything, I didn't really expect God to meet me there, but He did. One of the guests spoke out: "Someone in here is feeling unloveable, and God thinks that's laughable." … Continue reading Be Loved

Turning Point

Panic...I feel it welling up inside. My heart pounds. My breathing gets shallow. The walls close in & I feel unsteady on my feet.This is an unfortunate time & place to experience a panic attack: in the middle of Barns & Noble...After class, I went everywhere but home in order to avoid these feelings...But, the … Continue reading Turning Point