What does it mean? – Part 2

It’s a late night…the night before 2 12-hour days in a row… so, I’m going to keep this one short & sweet.

In Day 4’s post What does it mean? I shared what Agapetos means, and shared where it’s root is.

Now, I’ll tell you about it’s root:


In English, we only have one word: LOVE… and it is supposed to cover any kind of extremely positive feelings… and we often use it in ways it probably shouldn’t be (does the phrase, “I love those shoes!!!” ring a bell with the women?)

But, many other languages have more, including the Greek that the New Testament was written in.

And, this one, is the Love of Choice

It is this love that God commands us to have for Him & for others (Matthew 22:37-39)

This is the love He shows for us by sending His son.

The King James text likens it to charity to drive home a certain point: even if we don’t like someone, we can love them: serve them, take care of them, bless them, treat them with kindness.

This love says even though you have done wrong to me, I will do what’s within my power to do right by you. It means our interactions reflect the humanity of everyone we meet.

Its about respect and consideration.

And, many times it is the hardest kind of Love for us to show…

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”
– John 15:13

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