Dear Children, do better.

Dream. Try. Do Good.”

-George Feeney

After this, Topanga asked him, “don’t you mean do well?”

“No, I mean do good,” he replied.

This is our role in the world: to do good.

Scripture puts it this way:

Live justly. Love mercy. Walk Humbly with God.

Micah 6:8

This year of 2020 has been a rough one. We’re halfway through, and I swear we’ve lived an entire lifetime.

Some people are saying don’t let the recent racial issues overshadow the lies the government is telling us to keep us down through covid-19 or 5g technology, or that it’s all a diversion to take down our current president.

Some are saying to “wake up” because Revelation is happening before us, and that should scare us. We have to fight it.

But, the fact is, regardless of how covid-19 got started, regardless of 5g technology, and in-spite of racist actions (including those or our police force & president., they are right about one thing: Jesus is coming back.

I am not afraid of this. This is not something we should fear or fight. Instead, it inspires me. Inspires me to make sure I’m living out these challenges.

Is America about to fall apart as a nation? Maybe. Even Jesus pointed out a house divided against itself cannot stand – I’m not sure we’ve ever been so divided anytime in history.

Is a new world order before us, with a global government? Maybe. That’s something the book of Revelation says will happen.

Should these things be reasons to fear and to turn a silent cheek to the systemic dehumanization of an entire group of people?

NO. A resounding no.

So, dear children, do better.

If anything, we should be excited to see scripture unfolding before us, and use that as an opportunity to stand along with those fighting for their voices to be heard.
This should be reason enough to not get distracted by disease and government nonsense, instead we should be demanding real justice and mercy in those around us.

Instead, showing real justice and humility to those around us.

I’ve made my choice. I know I may not fully understand the brokenness they are coming from; I recognize that I have a privilege that I don’t have to live with the fears that many have to face just walking out their door.
But, I have made my choice: I stand with them.

So, dear children, do better.
Stand with them, too. Speak out, until you can’t speak anymore.
And, be silent to listen. Show love and empathy.
Allow space for the grief and the trauma.
Learn form the mistakes of my generations, and those before us.

Dear children, do better.

Because, Jesus is coming back, and He should find us doing His work, loving how He would love. That means genuinely loving people; not clinging our white American way of life.

He should find us:
acting justly to all,
showing mercy to all,
and walking humbly with him.

So, dear children, do better.


For those who need a refresher:

  • Justice: just behavior or treatment
  • Mercy: compassion or forgiveness of someone when it’s within your power to punish or retaliate
  • Humility (humble): having or showing a low or modest estimate of ones own importance

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