Recent Thoughts

Over on my personal blog, I had written some things recently that may be helpful for some in ministry or helping professions, when looking at things like depression, anxiety, and burn-out, either in ourselves or our clients.

As I step out in faith, and grow in the direction of focusing on these areas, I wanted to share those links here.

Sometimes, just hearing things that someone else says that relate to us, or witnessing someone else’s journey can be effective. Isn’t that the whole point of testimony, anyway?

Please, feel free to read and share:

Each of these takes a look at different angles of these subjects. If you need encouragement, I pray you find it here.

I am back to work this week, so more will be coming, but until then, I genuinely hope these reads are helpful for others in this field or who need to know they aren’t alone in all of this.


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