Winds of Change

Since I updated 2 months ago (2 months! Crazy), there have been even more changes going on in the life of this Tiny House, oily life living counselor.

  • I have been elated at the growing relationship with my fella.
  • I have been a part of an amazing church plant here in Oklahoma (soon, there will be a post about being on the launch team of new ministries).
  • I have been working – working – working. A. Lot. Luckily, I love my job as a mental health professional.
  • I moved my trailer to a new place.

And, the winds of change are not through with me yet. In the next few months comes:

  • A move to a new city in an entirely different part of the state.
  • This means, a new job/jobs.
  • New church family for me.
  • A new spot for my tiny house to settle for a while.
  • And, could there be wedding bells in my future…?

When we face change, we can react in many different ways. Recently, stress has overcome me. But, today, I have had the opportunity to really consider the changes, and be proactive in how I handle them all.

Life is nothing if not always changing, so it is best for us to just go with it.

In those times, it can really help to remember the Serenity Prayer:


Are you facing big changes in your life? I understand those times.
If you would like to share your tips for handling change in order to encourage other readers, feel free to do so below.
Contact me for questions or queries regarding resources or coaching.
I coach those in times of transition, and those determined to build a more authentic & intentional life.

♥♠♦♣ -Tiny_Nephesh

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