A Day in the Life of an Oily, Tiny House Counselor

Today, is a day I’m so excited about: A day in my Tiny House, Oily life!



I use Thieves products to jump start my day: Toothpaste & Mouthwash.

Also, I use this deoderant (A caveat is that I’ve learned that during he hottest part of summer, I am unable to continue with good hygiene this way, as I have a condition that causes a great deal of BO-filled-sweat, even sitting still. On the hottest days, especially given my job and my obligation to maintain professional boundaries, I have to use something stronger. However, on weekends, on cooler days, and when I don’t live in the Armpit of Satan, I will gladly utilize this on a daily basis). I have also made my own body mist/bug spray from Peppermint & Lemongrass. It’s amazing.

The last thing before I leave home is to make my cider with Thieves & Lemon (hot apple cider, anyone?) And, make sure my water is yummy with some Peppermint & Citrus (usually Lime). I do this about 4-5 days a week.

Soon (as soon as my next ER order gets here), my makeup will be mineral make-up I can trust to be chemical free. I’m so excited for that!

Throughout the day:


Due to my job, I am limited on what I can use in the workplace (at least, diffuser wise). However, I keep these oils & my lip-balm close at hand. My top 3 for the workday? Stress-away, peppermint, & Mgraine.

I utilize these to help with calming & relaxation throughout the day, as well as CNS support. Gotta keep up that energy & keep myself centered to meet with clients & run groups.

I have switched all my hand-sanitizes to Thieves hand purifier. It leaves my skin clean, smelling good, and feeling soft.

When I have my own practice, Lavender will be used, too. You want a sense of peace & welcoming for clients.



Evening is my time – as I barely make it out of bed on time for work each morning…I have switched all my shower stuff to chemical free, EO choices. And, I love how it leaves my skin & hair.

Almost every night I diffuse something. Different recipes based on my need for the day. Calming and relaxing? Lavender & frankinsence. Feeling under the weather? Thieves & purification. Pollen count high? Lavender-peppermint-lemon. And, sometimes, I just try something new.



Thieves is how I clean my house – along with baking soda & vinegar at times. Surfaces, windows, dishes, black-water tank, etc.

Thieves is how I wash my hands. I’m almost out :(, time to get more.

I tried Ningxia red for 30 days & loved it – energy and over all felt better. I will be ordering more before the school year gets too far under way.

I’ve made a purification spray – living in a tiny space, you want your air clean. So, I ventilate & purification :). Plus, it smells great!

Finally, sicky times – diffuse & intake. When my tummy is sad? Peppermint or digize. When my sinuses are sad? Lavender, peppermint, and citrus. When my head is sad? Mgraine & peppermint.

Well, that’s it. That’s how I use these amazing oils in my day to day life. They have made quite the difference for me & I enjoy them so much.

Do you live an oily life? How do you use oils?

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