Art + Nature = Renewal
Art + Nature = Renewal

It’s Friday! Time for that Five Minute Friday flow. Also going to be incorporating this week’s Tuesday @ 10. 

Ready? GO:

When is one of my favorite questions…

I ask God:

  • When is this school thing gonna end?
  • When is my career going to go in a direction that resembles what I had planned?
  • When is my writing really going to affect people?
  • When am I going to meet my “Him”?
  • When am I going to be able to be a mommy?
  • When am I going to learn not to begin a new book at 10 pm when I have work in the morning?
    (though, this one may just be a question for myself…)

Then, people remind me that I have papers to do, client paperwork to catch up on, a book to work on, and then the almighty: Don’t forget to practice self-care. It’s absolutely imperative.

My response to this is always, WHEN?! 

When do I have time for self care, self-renewal? Well, I’m learning.

To take just a minute at the end of each day to read His Word.
To take that extra few minutes between here & there to breathe in my car,
or listen to the song to the end.
To take 5 minutes on a Friday to write a blog post.
To go to the gym & make sure I work towards my goals.
To allow myself chocolate when needed.
To stop on the side of the road when the view warrants a photo-op.

And, to take an extra half hour on my way home from work for a little adventure here in my own back yard. To discover new breathtaking views. To have time to sketch. And to find at the end of a short 30 minutes, a renewed energy & passion to continue to move forward in my dreams, building the life I want.


What renews you? And, when do you find time for it?

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