Rainy Pinterest Sundays

Here I sit this rainy Sunday night watching a sappy Hallmark double feature while looking at the barrage of pictures on Pinterest (Paleo food, DIY projects, & pretty clothes, anyone?).

Some of the pictures I find myself drawn to tonight are of the wedding & baby announcement type.

Perhaps it’s because I know several couples recently engaged, pregnant, or newly parentified.

Yet, here I am…Working my way through grad school…living at my parents’ home.

I was recently talking to a friend about this and said, “Yeah, and all I’m doing is going to grad school.”

“All you’re doing…?” she responded.

Yeah, I realized at the moment she and I are focusing on education, career, helping others.

And, some days it’s great. While others, it makes me think, “What am I doing with my life?” Haha.

And, here I am, single…it’s a chronic situation in my life, really…

But, I’m good at it…I honestly don’t know how to do the whole relationship thing…I mean, I’ve done it once before, and I think I was ok at it. But, I’m good at being single. Coming & going as I please. Doing what I want with my time & money. Picking the movies and tv shows I watch (and having sole control of the remote).

Basically, I’m good at being selfish.

So, when it’s time to actually begin a relationship again, I’ll have to learn to be a little more selfless. I guess I will also be working on that as I wait.

Because it’s the waiting that prepares us…

So do rainy Pinterest Sundays 😉

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