Loveology – Today’s Lesson

Here we are, 4th Sunday of the month. Which means, it’s a Lovely Sunday…it also means I missed #WorkItWednesday this week, so I will make it up this coming Wednesday.

Today, I had a Sunday off work, and it was so nice. Especially knowing that in the next 4 months I am going to have my contact with my fellowship group extremely limited.

It was a beautiful day.

And, I help in the youth sunday school class when I am there, and the series we are in is about relationships.

Today’s video was about Godly marriage.

Our team of leaders is me, Cousin & Cousin’s Husband. For this series, we make quite a good team. We all have different stories about love, and how we came to realize what Godly relationships, as well as Godly singleness, are supposed to be.

I sat there, feeling more like one of the youth than the married couples. Hearing these ideas that I have yet to live out for myself.

But, it’s a wonderful thing to be able to sit in front of a group of tweens and teens and let them know that Godly singleness is possible, and is beautiful. And, to be sitting with a couple who is a beautiful picture of what Godly marriage should look like, even in the earliest days.

I like the series we are doing: Loveology (find it here on amazon). And, I like the points made in today’s lesson about what God’s intentions are for marriage.

Friendship. Purpose. Sexuality. Family.

I want these in my life. Someone to be my best friend. Someone who has purpose, who will share in mine & allow me to share in his. The third one, well, it speaks for itself 😉 . And, family – those who know me best know, I can’t wait to be a mom.

As a matter of fact, the words I have heard this week that have cut me most are “You’re going to be a great mom.”

When it’s time, I suppose.

And, when I find the right guy. Who is not intimidated by how I have spent my singleness to better myself. Who is not concerned that i have dedicated my life to God & His plan for my life. Who is not put off by my creativity and imagination. Who is himself growing in God’s purpose & plan. Who is himself creative & adventurous.

Because, really, if I (an introvert, who loves her space) am going to be with someone for the rest of my life, I’m going to need someone who puts God first, and who I can share my passions with, have fun with, and most of all, turn dreams into reality with.

{Anything less, and, well, God and I have been doing a fantastic job for 26 years, I’m sure we can continue to do so for another 5o or 6o}

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