I am #ProHealth

A broken mind cannot produce a healthy body…and likely will destroy it…


That’s what this week’s Tuesday @ 10 prompt is over at Finding the Grace Within.

Mine will be quite a bit different, different than what I’m used to posting & different from what many are expecting to read when they see the prompt.

In 2015, I will give support; I will give inspiration; I will give encouragement. I.Will.Give.Hope.

A broken mind cannot produce a healthy body… and likely will destroy it.

Whether those of us who eat too much (& likely move too little…), or those who eat nothing at all; a need to be beautiful, loved, & accepted drives us to the darkness. Ana & Mia (or a false “body positive” attitude) whispers in our ears. And, it truly is but a whisper  – at first. Some of us refuse, defying their directive by shoveling food in. Still others give in, each day, as the whispers become louder, until Ana or Mia (or both) have taken over – completely.

And then, we feel not ourselves. But rather:
AM Ana
I AM Mia
I AM Fat

There is no longer a distinction – only the identity. 

But we are broken. Not in body, at least not at first. 
We are broken in mind. 

And, a broken mind cannot produce a healthy body…


I know I need to lose weight. I may be healthy now, but if I continue to keep carrying close to 200 lbs on my 5’5″ frame, I won’t be healthy long.

I refuse to give in to the whispers Ana or Mia sends my way. I refuse to even acknowledge the temptation to do this any other way than the healthy way. I will not limit my intake to an unhealthy intake simply for the sake of a better looking figure, an unattainable figure, an unhealthy figure.

On the flip side, I refuse to give into the “fat acceptance” movement. I refuse to lean on the excuses of heredity & metabolism. I refuse even the strong temptation to simply “love myself at any size”, because, honestly, I do love myself. But, I also cannot be blind to the fact that “at any size” would one day become a truly unhealthy size, because if we are honest, not all sizes are healthy – on either end of the spectrum.

I refuse to allow my mind to be hijacked by any trend or lie. I refuse to allow it to be tricked in the midst of my refusal to continue to hide behind my body fat.

Most of all: I will rely on Christ to keep my mind & body strong.

And, I will always be #prohealth #prorecovery #antiana #antimia #bodypositive #faster #smaller #stronger #fitspo #notthynspo #healthier #profitness #antibrokenness #prowholeness

In 2015, I will use my story to inspire those, on either side, who want to find a way back to the healthy spot… and I will always remind them it starts at the cross.

His scars cover mine.

You see, one of my goals in the Psych field is to research, shed light on, and treat adolescents with Eating Disorders (both over & under). Also, focusing on the big role Social Media plays today in promoting not only these Disorders, but many others, as well as other extra-societal rituals & practices among teens. These would include today’s #Ana, #Mia, & #Recovery communities, as well as the other side of the coin #bodypositive & #fatacceptance.

All of these young people need love, support, & prayer in the positive direction, the healthy direction; not in favor of their eating disorder.

I’d also like to be in a place of educating & alerting parents, loved ones, & educators on what they may be blind to, may be unaware of, or may be overwhelmed by.

I’ve shared the struggle these kids feel. I have an actual weight problem that has come from too much of the wrong stuff & too little of the right stuff. I have hated myself, hated my body, and hid the scars. I have battled the demons & heard the whispers.

But, my mind says, “you can change this – in a balanced, healthy way.” My confidence is high, where their’s is not. My mind is strong enough, my family supportive enough.

I know immediately that Ana is a fool, and Mia is a liar. I know immediately, also, that “at any size” will one day kill me, if I let it.

So, starting with my story, before I even get my degree, I will begin to give help to those who can’t seem to know this, or who won’t accept it, or who already find themselves slaves to Ana & Mia. Because,

A broken mind cannot produce a healthy body, and likely will destroy it…

If you have questions regarding these hashtags, or eating disorders, or if you have a story to share, feel free to let me know. You can reach me in the comment section or by email at candice@angelinkilluminations.com
We can make a difference if we are willing to stop hiding and start conversing.


4 thoughts on “I am #ProHealth

  1. Prayers for a healthy new year and that you inspire others to be healthy…I, too, need to lose weight…a lot of weight. Unlike you, I am not healthy; as a 63 year old woman, I sometimes feel much older although people do not think I AM that old at all! I know my eating habits are bad; and I do eat when I am sad, or depressed, or stressed…but I also don’t eat when or as I know I should…like now when things are a bit stressful with the hubby who has dementia…enough of that! Thanks for sharing your post on this different take on Give; I share your goal of losing weight in the new year!

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