I know it’s Sunday, but I have a Five Minute Friday & Tuesday @ 10 post to share.

For each of these, there is a weekly prompt to write on. The rules for FMF are simple: write for 5 minutes, no overthinking, no over-editing.

The prompts are Patience & Prepare (Tuesday @ 10 & FMF, respectively):

Ready? GO


That’s the word. That’s the feeling I’m not used to.

Content with how things are, in the moment.

But, in my contentment, I’m still always preparing – because there are great things I am looking forward to. 

  • Preparing for a trip to OK for time with family (and for a Garth Brooks concert date with momma)
  • Preparing for graduation day (190 days & counting)
  • Preparing to be a new – much lighter me. Proud of her reflection – able to tackle 300 stairs.
  • Preparing for a possible change of scenery – a move to WA (or, maybe, elsewhere…) that is still a year out – if not more/ever.

And, in all of this, though these are things I want so much, I find my patience growing. I am able to take the steps as they come, not rushing (too far) ahead.

But, this is recent.

And, tonight, I discover, it’s because I am…


In my preparation, through my patience.
In His plan & where I am.



2 thoughts on “Content

  1. I like how you tie contentment with preparation. I think it’s a tension we live in, perhaps? This posturing for content while staying open to what’s ahead, preparing. It’s a wonderful thing to sit back at some point and reflect, I am content. Right now. So glad you’ve shared this with us at FMF. And BTW, I posted on Monday 😉

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