Just Be…

In May of 2012, I set out on a challenge of sorts to myself. My “goal” was to begin to better myself and simplify my life. I sought at the beginning to eliminate clutter from my life by slowly purging myself of unneeded items.

For me, this is no easy task as I am very close to being a sentimental hoarder… If someone has given me something, I remember (and feel guilty if I get rid of it). But, I know I cannot allow “stuff” to control me, so the journey began there…

As I went on, it just became about living a simpler, healthier life: Eat healthier. Sleep more. Socialize in positive relationships. Grow in my faith. Lose some excess weight. Exercise more. Get rid of unnecessary items. Become emotionally healthier.

I gave myself a year for this challenge.

By May of this year, I had succeeded: more exercise, less clutter, a smaller frame, & a bigger faith. I had no clear goals, but I was pleased with my progress. Especially since it seemed to just happen at times.

I haven’t actively thought much else of it. It was an experiment. It was an experience. And, I enjoy the results.

Tonight though, I realize I could continue to build on this. Continue to purge unnecessary excess (of weight and “stuff”) as much as I can. And continue to strengthen my body and my spirit.

And I have confidence now to:

Build. Build on the success and the confidence that I gained in this process.

Continue.Continue to make my life something to be proud of.

But, most importantly:

BE. Be content knowing I am able & I am loved just as I am. No correction needed.

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