Less Broken and Mostly Whole…

So, it’s not quite Friday here on the West Coast yet, but by the time it is, I will be sleeping…

I know I need to get back to blogging and writing, so I’m going to start by doing a Five Minute Friday post, always hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker.

The prompt this week is Broken. GO

I recently turned 25. A big year. One I have been looking forward to for a long time.

But, as the birthday came and went, I found myself once again dwelling on the fact that I am not where I had expected myself to be.

Today was one of those days.

This afternoon I found myself lamenting where I am (or rather, where I am not) in life, my limitations, and the amount of time left before I fulfill some major goals. I was frustrated over the limitations of my body and my mind.

Then, I reminded myself where I used to be…

You see, brokenness and wholeness are relative terms. You can’t know broken unless you know whole, and you can’t know whole until you know broken.

Today, I saw myself as mostly broken, but now I remember I am mostly whole.

I am so much closer on the journey than I was a week ago, a year ago, five years ago.

Each day I make choices that move me from lacking & broken back towards whole again.

Earlier today, I looked in the mirror and saw my brokenness. As I give myself over to sleep, I see that I am much closer to whole. And, with that, I can sleep peacefully.


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