Looking back over the past nine months, I’m amazing how much my life has changed. Amazed simply because it feels normal – life as usual. Like, living it, not much has changed at all.

But in reflection, I see all the changes that have led me to where I am writing this today. Changes, both big and small, but had affected the person I am today as opposed to nine months ago:

          ~ The loss of my Pawpaw  – a reminder that Jesus can touch anyone at any age and we should
              always be telling our love ones that we love them.
          ~ Acceptance to/beginning/continuing in Grad school – another year of knowledge & learning
             under my belt, reminding me that I have a great future ahead of me, God willing.
          ~ Moving back in with my parents to save money – a humbling experience. I really can’t do it
             all & it is up to me to decide what’s most important.
         ~ Laura got married – changed friendship dynamics and affected our business in small ways.
         ~ Shift in the business set up over at AngelInk Illuminations – this is a reminder that even grown-
             ups sometimes wonder, “what are we doing with our lives?”
         ~ Trip back to Ireland (more on this later) – when God calls, if we listen, great things will happen.
             I know He wanted me there. (Plus, Ireland is just gorgeous).
          ~ Leaving Home Depot paved the way for me to enjoy school and still keep my Kids Club job for 
             a year! (Best job I’ve had thus far 🙂 – I have found there really is a job I can love & work my 
             way through Grad school.
Though this is a list of the mostly drastic changes (which would lead one to believe I knew life had changed…), each just became a fact. A part of life as usual…
Because of this, I m starting to realize that life is constantly in a state of change. I’m relating better to the saying, “the only constant in life is change.”
And, it’s a good thing, too, because as I look forward to the next 6 months, I can make another list of looming “life altering” changes coming, including: my 25th Birthday, the launch of my second book, and beginning the harrowing days of trainee hours at school (if I don’t switch programs altogether).
Through all of this, though, I am so grateful that God’s got me in His hands. I may not know what is happening, or where it’s all leading, but God knows. He has ordered my steps, and if I keep my eyes on Him, I’ll walk exactly where I’m meant to walk.

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