Five Minutes for Grace

This is a “Five Minute Friday” post on Sunday. Haven’t written one in a while, but this week’s word caught my attention. The rules are: type for 5 minutes, no editing, no overthinking, just flow.

Ready? GO

Over the past month or so, I have visited several churches in the area. I have enjoyed it, fellowshipping with people of the Kingdom at locations other than my own home church.
At two others in particular, I felt right at home. One in a building and campus that God has greatly blessed over the years! and one starting out that God is greatly blessing even in its early stages.
And why this journey? To fall back in love with the One who made me. To remind myself what it means to abandon myself to His Grace. He offers this grace freely, and I have discovered that I have a deep seated desire to be wherever He is and to fill my life with His people.
And, in his grace, He has led me to the right places, to hear the right words, and to be reminded of a Love greater than any I could find anywhere else.
And the beauty? Not only do I experience His love, but he has introduced me to people that are love & grace personified. Learning directly from Him. Building His Kingdom all round me. A reminder that I am not alone, that my small home church is not the only one working to further His Kingdom.
It has been a wonderful experience of His love & grace all over the county!

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