Truth: I’m Holding Out for a Hero

Today, I am going to incorporate this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt with something I have been planning for a while, since I have a bit to say on the subject.

The goal of Five Minute Friday is to write for five minutes without over-thinking or editing. This week’s prompt is Truth, which fits perfectly with something else I am writing, but first, my five minutes of catharsis ūüôā

Ready? GO

Ok, so, I have been thinking a lot lately. For me, that’s not always a good thing. But, this time, I think it is.

Truth. What is the truth? About me. About my life. About this world.

I spend so much time wondering about how I got where I am, am I where I want to be…yadayada.

But, really, to be where I want to be, I’d have to know who I am.¬†and, would who I am be where I “want to be”? The truth: No.

I find that God has brought me to where I am for a reason, because this is the life meant for who I am. Who He made me to be.

Not who I used to dream of being, not who I think the world wants me to be, just the truth of who He created.

This school, this job change, these friends, this education, this blog, my novel. This patience (we’ll get to that).
This passion. For Him, for His word, and for waiting for one of His Sons. One of his true Sons.


All that said, I don’t write a lot here about my singleness. I wrote a little in Letter to Me¬†and Single and Learning¬†(Oh, and all about my Moves Like Jagger), but, it is often not a subject I discuss here.

You see, as much as I like to make jokes about my “chronic singleness'” and about someone having to be special to be willing to put up with me. And, as much as I’d love to find someone to share this crazy, beautiful life with, I’m good at being single.

And, for the most part, I really do enjoy it.

But, last night, two things made me think about this subject.

The first was a short story I read about a woman who learned a lesson about what a hero truly is. It’s a short story by Stacey Joy Netzel called “Holding Out for a Hero”. (You can find it on Amazon; it’s a quick, easy read).

The second was a dinner with my parents. I love family dinners with my parents. They almost always end up in “God talk”. Discussion of His Word, His love and everything else about Him. It’s wonderful, and it’s the norm in my family.

And I found myself thinking, I want this. I want this in my house, with my children and my husband. 

It would be too easy to just try to date around and settle down with just anyone. I mean, I’m 25, and as one of the kids I watch recently told me, “that’s a good age to get married.”

But, I have a desire to always have this kind of conversation in my family. To have open communication about my Abba, about His Word, and about everything He does, He is, He creates, He says.

That is precisely the hardest thing to come by in many (though, I suppose, not all) of the young men in today’s world. Especially those I have been in contact with since leaving the comforts of my small, Christian University and making my home in northern California.

This is the “hero” I’m holding out for. One that’s, dare I say, like my father?¬†(Gasp!) I’m holding out for a man who is passionately¬†in love with God. One who enjoys talking about the things of God. One whose light¬†is so evident. One who seeks to know the truth of God’s word and lives it¬†day by day.

Is this a tall order? In today’s world, it seems like it. But, I know it’s not impossible.

I know he will be worth it. And so, I wait…

8 thoughts on “Truth: I’m Holding Out for a Hero

  1. I so appreciate this. As a mother of two sons in their early thirties who are also still single, unwilling to compromise by marrying just any girl, I feel your, should I say…pain. As much as I want God-chosen daughter-in-laws, I'm believing it's worth the wait too. Thanks for this entry. It helps a gal like me who's waiting for a gal like you for her sons. Blessings.


  2. Hi LisaThis is so encouraging to me. To know that there are still a few of these “heroes” out there, and that some of them may have mothers praying for a girl like me. I hope that whoever my “him” turns out to be, that he has a mom like you praying for me.I will say a prayer for your sons & “God-chosen-daughter-in-laws” too.Blessings


  3. Yes, you are exactly where you are in life, right now, for a reason. It can be unbearably frustrating, but it will be worth it in the end. God will not forget you. (And 25 isn't that old. You still have plenty of time)


  4. waiting is not a bad idea at all! as i used to tell my daughters, “there are many, way worse things than not being married!…one of them is being married to the wrong person.” keep busy, enjoy this season of singleness…if it is a season. prepare yourself to support yourself…if, in the process of life and joyful living, GOD brings a llike-minded man into your life, so much the better:)


  5. You are a forever girl waiting for her forever boy! And he WILL be a Knight in Shining Armor – and He will be your Hero – and with him you will soar. Funny, how when each of my two oldest boys gave up on girls – the right one walked along! LOL – God never gives you less than the righteous desires of your heart!


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