Journaling through Chronic Illness (with prompts)

Hey, hi, how are you friends?

The month of August around here will see a bit more action, a bit more planned content, and a bit more directed content. And, I’m really excited about that.

If you don’t follow me on instagram, you’ll want to be with us over there. There will be a lot more in between action over there.

This month, we’re going to talk about some new ventures I’ve embarked on (some great partnerships I can’t wait to share with you. Hello SEINT & UBAM!).
I’ll also be going through a new set of prompts I created for those of us with chronic mental/physical illness. 31 days of prompts for writing and drawing to find your center.
This month, we’ll also focus on some myth-busting: manifestation, mom shame, community, and productivity with chronic illness.

It’s going to be a good month. And, it all centers around these journal prompts I created.

Journaling is so beneficial to us, since it is a way for us to process things. Science shows us, though, that there’s so much more to it. Journaling improves our immune system response, it helps our emotional systems, and it is a great way for us to communicate. Writing in our own handwriting is a way for us to learn/remember things.

This 31 day journal prompt set I’ve created will be available for free in the resource library. It will be first available to those in the membership, but will be released by the end of the week for anyone else who is interested.

These prompts focus on processing the changes that come with chronic health issues; both mental and physical. They revolve around journaling through writing and drawing/doodling. Both of these have been shown to really have positive effects for those who practice them.

As a mom with chronic illness, anything I can do to get myself centered, and put myself in the best place possible. Reducing number of or intensity of flare days. And, this is a great way to do this.

If you are a mom, or a woman with chronic illness, I highly recommend journaling often. Some say everyday, but let’s be practical. Life is busy, especially as moms, or especially with chronic illness.

Check back here, or email me at soulcadencecoaching@ gmail. com and let me know you want to be on the list for these prompts.

Join me over on Instagram to get a glimpse of some of my own responses to these prompts, because, yes, I’m doing them also. Because this month’s new skill I’m working on is art journaling. And what a great way to get started than with these amazing prompts?

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