How to Crush Your Goals for the Last Quarter of 2020

I know 2020 has been a crazy year. From viruses to murder hornets to inequality to one of the most volatile elections in recent history.

How is anyone supposed to reach their goals with all this going on in the world?

And what about all those life stages and changes that have occurred in 2020? Around here, those included having a baby, being diagnosed with a new chronic illness and a new mental health diagnosis (along with round 2 of PPD/PPA), along with the shut down of traditional churches, which limited hubby’s ability to go in person to raise money for our church plant.

In case you’re wondering, that is A LOT going on in one year.

Yet, here we are in quarter 4, and I’ve already surpassed one of my January goals three fold, and I’m on track to crush and possibly surpass one of the others that I re-evaluated this summer.

So, how did I make that happen, all while being bed-ridden for the better part of the first 6 months of the year & with all the crazy stuff I shared above?

Goals , planning & tracking, my friend. Goals, planning, & tracking.

For setting goals, I get REALLY specific. I write out:

  • The Goal
  • The smaller action steps
  • The ideal goal date
  • The actual date I reach the goal
  • My reward for reaching the goal
  • Obstacles that could get in my way
  • What I’ll do to overcome those
  • The “WHY” behind this particular goal
  • What life will be like once that goal is reached.

Then, I make sure to keep track of them, and utilize them in my daily planning.

For my daily planning, I focus on the BIG 3 TASKS that are top priority for the day, I choose a goal or focus for the day, and I leave myself room for notes, mood, and gratitude each day.

This goal system has allowed me not only to stay on track with my goals, but works with ANY planner system you could imagine. I (typically) use mine with an A-5 Day Designer planner, where I can just write it in as needed. (I have a whole separate planner for lesson plans and coaching meetings, which I can go over in a future post).

I have also created printable planning pages of my system that you can print and start using right away to set, plan, and track your goals.

Let’s make this 4th quarter of 2020 the best one yet. It’s time for each of us to have a 4th quarter come-back.

Get your printable planner pages below:

Talk soon!

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