Conquering the Pain; Conquering the World

2020 has been a weird year, hasn’t it? It certainly has.

Yet, through all the chaos, God has been working in my heart to hone and focus my business, as well as create some designs to go with it. He’s been working in my heart to overcome fear, overcome physical and mental pain, and overcome doubts about myself and my abilities.

So, in line with that, I have an Etsy store now, where I am selling merch (mugs, masks, journals, hoodies, pillows, blankets, and more). Merch for: mommas, writers, readers, fall lovers, and women who have dealt with chronic illness/mental health issues.

This last line is part of my Awareness Ribbon series, and I’m going to be donating a portion of all profits from these sales to causes related to chronic illness and mental health.

Something 2020 has taught me is that if we can conquer the pain, we can conquer the world. And, God kept bringing to mind a phrase about myself – and other mommas like me (including women in Scripture) –

The day she conquered the pain, she knew she could conquer the world.

-Candice Jenee – Weathered Warrior Mommas

In this vein, I’ve also started crafting a membership, a devotional book, as well as a Self-care and stress management book in the Weathered Warrior Momma series. This series will focus on mommas who are the Weathered Warriors. Those of us battling chronic health or mental health issues. Those of us striving to find our Cadence while also navigating these tough issues day in and day out.

We may feel pain daily. We may encounter hopelessness at times. But, even we have God’s call on us, and He has made no mistakes. He can turn this for our good and HIS GLORY.

And, a portion of profits from these books will also go to the same places as the portion of profits from the Awareness Ribbon merch line.

So, back to those donations mentioned above. For the rest of 2020, though, the donations from my Awareness Ribbon line and my Weathered Warrior Momma books/courses aren’t just going to any certain charity or faceless others battling what I’ve been battling.

Instead, I’m gathering up a portion of all my Awareness Ribbon line profits (and, likely some of my other Etsy profits), and funneling them toward a family I know and love – who have encountered great trial during 2020, yet my dear sweet friend is holding her head up high, being one of the strongest mommas I’ve ever met, and continues to treat others with Grace & Humility.

Let me introduce you to my friend Caylin:

She’s a momma of one – a sweet boy named Hunter. Hunter was only 6 days old when his battle with epilepsy began. Imagine how hard and terrifying this was for my sweet momma friend. Hunter’s dad also has epilepsy, and Caylin has been a hard working momma set on keeping her family afloat, but along came 2020. You and I all know how this year has been for many.

Here this sweet momma found herself in a tight spot: a job loss, rent due, and medical bills. None of this at her fault, as she’s one of the strongest, loving, and bold women I’ve had the blessing to know in my life. She has continued to work to keep her family afloat, including starting her own business. But, some days, that’s just not enough.

So, while I don’t have a lot I can do, I can share her story. And, now that Soul Cadence is launching the Soul Cadence Shoppe on Etsy, I have a way to try to sell items that resonate with others, and use some of what I make to donate to this strong momma and her amazing family.

Also, after all this, if you feel the desire to further donate directly to Caylin, another of her friends has set up a GoFundMe, and, I want to share that with you guys:

Hunter & Caylin: GoFundMe

Please, join me, if you want to be a part of helping other Weathered Warrior Mommas find their Cadence in the midst of struggle and pain. God can use us all, and work through us all, even while working for us all. ❤

Also, if you’d like a Self-care guide, sign up here. This will also get you access to all the great stuff we have going on at Soul Cadence and in the Soul Cadence Shoppe!

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