An Imperfect Mom Kind of Night

What a day yesterday was. It’s been disappointing, insomnia has hit, and I’ve been feeling like crap for most of the week.

So, last night, I had hubby move our TV into the bedroom so I could just spend time with the family in bed in my PJs, and, now, we are probably killing our sleep training with baby girl, cuz we’re back to co-sleeping again tonight. (We’ve been doing it safely since the beginning, so let that part go…). But, tonight, momma just needed the comfort & closeness.

Since baby girl is just barely 5 months old, I know she needs closeness, too. And, I know hubby missed the loung-y feel of the trailer – we basically lived in bed.

Our room is a mess with still-packed boxes, due to me not being motivated since our move. Our night was filled with TV & take out Mexican food, while lounging in PJs in bed.

The original plan was that I would cook chicken and rice and veggies, and we would hang out in the living room, where baby girl would play with all her toys instead of laying next to me & cuddling with me…

But, no. After our late afternoon nap, I threw in the towel on that idea. I was tired, my entire body hurt, and I had nothing in me that wanted to cook – or stay in jeans any longer.

Look, to some of you, this may seem extreme, and to others, just another night at home. We live somewhere in between these two ideas, and any of these realities is ok.

But, last night, I have no regrets about putting work aside, hanging in bed with my family with the tv on and greasy Mexican food (though, the heartburn isn’t my fave), and then, writing with my little girl sleeping soundly next to me.

We live in a world where we have to be willing to be flexible. If we aren’t flexible, something will suffer. Priorities only take us so far. In certain moments, those priorities should be aloud to shift – you know, assuming they are in line with the ultimate priority: God’s will.

So, today is another day. I don’t know how it will go. But, I do know, if I decide to spend most of it working from bed wile Frasier plays on TV in the background, with baby girl practicing tummy time beside me, I won’t have any regrets. Because, as long as my family is safe and taken care of, all the rest is just icing on the cake.

And, who doesn’t love a day in bed form time to time?

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