Life is in the Waiting…

B4133B8A-7D8A-485F-AE32-3862A37CBC93I have been so sick all week…my body is tired & worn. But, it has given me a great amount of time to think. And, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.

You see – things have been quite a bit tight, things have been one surprise or struggle after another, just as my husband and I are adjusting to our new marriage…and honestly, I find myself wondering often “what now…?”, “is this it…?”, or “should something else be happening…?”

One of the biggest things is not getting clients, and struggling to find work. I’ve never in my life struggled so hard to get a job. As a matter of fact, many of them have literally been handed to me just when I needed them. Yet, now, nothing…

And, the sickness, the exhaustion, and the disappointment have put a hiccup in my business (remember my confession?).

This has all caused me to feel like I’m somehow failing, less than, and not a good wife, because I can’t contribute. And, it has me feel like I’m once again waiting.

Those that know me well, know I am good at the dreaming, and dreaming big at that…I know there is and can be so much more to life. I believe I can have everything. 

But life isn’t about the BIG MOMENTS. Life actually occurs in the waiting.

We wait for all sorts of things: graduation, college, our dream job, our dream house, a spouse, kids, our dream car…Whatever it is, life really isn’t about these big, albeit wonderful, moments.

Life is actually what happens in the waiting. I don’t know if you noticed, these are all moments, single days in our life.  Once that moment passes, you are really just in a new waiting period.

And, that is precisely where life happens.

I have a few things I am waiting on right now, but in the waiting, I experience life.
Wonderful times with my husband and family.
Times for education and reflection.
One of the biggest experiences of a stretch of faith that I have ever had in my life.

And, while I am excited to be able to share with everyone the outcomes of some of my waiting along the way, in the meantime, I’m enjoying life as it actually happens. Or, at least, I’m doing my best to.

Unfortunately, we get so caught up in waiting for these particular moments in life, that we forget to experience joy, freedom, and satisfaction right where we are. We think we have to wait for graduation or career or marriage or kids or whatever. Yet, it’s really in the day to day of the waiting that we find these things.

Because, life is in the waiting.

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