Making Space

So, in 4 days, I’m getting married. Anyone who has been following this blog may remember when I hadn’t even been on a date. 

Now, 4 years later, I’m getting married. Not to the Airman or any other first dates along the way (all few of them).

But, to my fella.

Now, when I bought my trailer a year ago to make  my move to living tiny, I bought it before meeting my guy. I picked it with the idea that I could “grow into it” with someone, that I would have no problem making space for someone, if God brought him into my life.

However, I did not really expect God to bring anyone into my life anytime soon, definitely not that I would be married just over a year from date of purchase.

Yet, God had a different idea. Amazing what happens when you seek Him first and stay open to what He brings your way.

So now, here we are…4 days from my wedding…and that sure, this is plenty of room & I’ll just make space again when I need to is a reality…and, downsizing is no easy task.

Blending lives when I have lived for nearly 30 years as an independent woman (yes, I was a strong willed & stubborn child, nearly from birth), it’s a difficult task.

I keep questioning:

  • What do I need/want?
  • What adds beauty to my life?
  • What do I get rid of?
  • What do I replace with registry requests?

The goal with each downsize is to be closer to a minimalist mindset & lifestyle, not in the “I don’t own anything” sense, but in the, “I’m not controlled by my stuff and leave room for experiences” sense.

Yet, as someone with hoarder tendencies (I get emotionally attached to things as well as people & ideas), this task is easier said than done. It’s related to one of my strengths: input. Which typically makes people collectors and attachers.

The goal with this particular downsize is unique and special, though: preparing for life with the partner God has blessed me with.

I have a new person joining this adventure with me, our life goals and work lining up so well. We have similar ideals and interests. So, this one is about  making space for him.

Making space.

Why is it so much harder to do than say?

Any which way, it has been happening, and we’ve already carved his space in the bedroom (yet, until he moves in, I have a few more precious nights to be a “bed hog” 😉 ), I have thrown out yet another round of toiletries and bathroom stuff, and I have given away so many piles of clothes & stuff.

Yet, there is more to be done.

I know the outcome is worth it: a comfortable, livable life with my love.

So, why is it we often find even the best things in life challenging?

If you have any advice for newly-weds, share below. How did you make space for your significant other for marriage? Did it mean getting a new space, or moving into one’s established space? How did you handle the preparation period before the wedding, and what did you do to adjust once the wedding was over? Share thoughts and advice below. I’d love to hear from you.

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