“Breathe, Just Breathe”


Let me set the stage:

Average girl who feels less than average (and treated as such by those around her), whose heart has been awakened by a prince. Now, attending a ball, risking everything. It’s a turning point; many have questioned her value. She has questioned her value. And, she briefly loses it all.

-Ever After: A Cinderella Story

Ever After. It’s my favorite Cinderella story. And, this scene is followed by one of my favorite cinematic scenes in any movie: Danielle (Drew Barrymore), ripped wings, one shoe, sobbing in the rain.

Much like her, we breathe to calm.
We breathe to find our center.

I have had plenty of these “Just Breathe” moments – often related to forgetting my value and what I bring to a situation.

It’s imperative to remember our value.

But, where does this value come from?
A job?
Financial standing?
A combination?

To me, it seems our value is in that we are innately human; created by the Divine with purpose (Psalm 139; Ephesians 2:10).

I also see it in how we esteem others; what we contribute to the world around us.

This movie is full of characters whose worth is underestimated, either by others or themselves. This main character (Danielle) is caring, intelligent, hard working, and lovely inside & out.

Ironically, it wasn’t until she lost everything that she realized her true value – and everyone else got to see and appreciate it, too.

My hope is that we not have to lose everything to realize our own worth.

But, we must stop underestimating our value; but, rather, we should regard ourselves as valued. Irreplaceable. Priceless.

See, I’ve been forgetting this myself. This under-appreciation of ourselves leaves us open to being doormats, easily walked on & used. Like me, recently.

But, when we remember our value, we are able to require that value be recognized by others. We are also able to really take care of ourselves, a necessity of life.

Even if you have to pause before a big situation and say “breathe, just breathe”, take that pause to re-evaluate & remember your value.

Remember, you have oh so much to offer the world. And, your enoughness is enough. More than enough. It’s priceless.

So, “breathe. Just breathe.”

This is a 5 Minute Friday post. Go check out others’ takes on the theme: Breathe.

4 thoughts on ““Breathe, Just Breathe”

  1. You shared so many nuggets in this post. I particularly liked this, “But, we must stop underestimating our value; but, rather, we should regard ourselves as valued. Irreplaceable. Priceless.” I am going to hang on to this as I walk into a new week of trying out new things and putting myself out there.

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