Sky (Ascent from Madness)

Tonight’s prompt is sky…and after a long day, I’m not sure I can come up with anything for that…so, more flash fiction…enjoy

I lay looking up at the sky. Always a good way to be grounded.

I love this journey I’m on, experiencing new places. And looking at new pieces of sky.

Boat…I tell myself looking at the clouds above. Crane…

I am enjoying these brief few hours to myself while he’s out. Much of my business is at home, in front of my screen. For me, it works.

It would drive him insane. So, he goes in search of human interaction. Meanwhile, I find activities of solitude, or search for canine interaction. Since we’re on the road so much, he refuses to let me get a dog of my own.

Ooh! Puppy! I exclaim happily in my own head.

I honestly don’t know how we found ourselves here, but I’m so glad we did. I never thought someone would love me this much, or that I’d be open to someone as I am him.

Bzzz. I look down, a client calling. I answer kindly, and after a quick chat, I’m brought back to the reality of life around me.

A life I’ve become so grateful for, after all the struggles, and finally feel at peace in.

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