Ascent from Madness (2)

I have been doing a terrible job of keeping up with the prompts for the 5 Minute Free Write challenge this month, but it’s ok…I’ve been doing pretty well with the 5 minute time limit, so, it counts, right?

Tonight, another 5 minute flash fiction session (see my first, here)…

Ascent from Madness (2)

Thank you…Thanks…Thank you…

I practice in my head, over and over. I feel like I could puke. Talking to people is the scariest thing in the world. Talking in front of people? Even worse…

But, I have to. I have to at least say “Thank you”. I mean, that’s what people do when they get recognized for something, right?

Why did I work so hard? Why did I care that they think I do a good job…now I have to accept praise. Ugh, I may actually pass out this time…

I feel a hand on mine, look over, and he’s just watching me. His eyes say it’s all going to be ok. His half-smile offering a calming sense.

I entwine my fingers with his.

“Thank you”, I say.


This time, I used the prompt word. Head over to the link up, and see what others are writing.

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