Ascent from Madness (part 1?)


So, I’m doing this #Write31Days…and joining up with 5 Minute Free Writes…but, as someone fashion senseless…I’m not really feeling today’s prompt word “Wardrobe”…

So, tonight, I’m going rogue…

And, since this month is all about the #SingleLife, one of the perks of being single is that after a long day at my day job, I can work on my writing craft without guilt of neglecting someone else in my life…

So, please enjoy this work of flash fiction I am making up on the spot and in 5-ish minutes…

Ascent from Madness


I repeat the word to myself over and over…foggy about my surroundings.

I look in the mirror. My gums bleed, but I continue brushing.

Blood means this is real…this is me…It’s just a symptom…I’m ok

I have to tell myself this over and over again, she said. It’s a symptom of the disorder, and I just have to ground myself in the reality around me. It will pass.

The problem is, you can’t explain this to someone. It is literally insane…

And, I feel it more often than I’d care to admit. But, today especially.

Any time there is high emotion – good or bad, but especially bad.

*Knock, Knock*

I’m startled out of my thoughts. “Yeah?” I respond.

“You ok in there?” He asks.

I open the door. Looking at him, I regain some sense of composure. He always manages to help the grounding process. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just a really long, rather stressful day at work.”

He hands me the puzzle box we’ve both come to know so well, steering me to my favorite spot on the floor.

“Take your time”, he says as I begin the puzzle…


Well, there you have it. My first attempt at flash fiction, in time & words…Be on look out for possible continuations of the story later.

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Come back tomorrow to see what else I come up with.

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