Five Years

This week’s 5 Minute Friday prompt is:


The rules are, write 5 minutes, no over-thinking, no over-editing…

Ready? GO

It’s been 5 years to the month that Laura Noelle & I put our BIG DREAMS into practice…

What feels like a lifetime ago. We launched our own business, saw it grow only minutely, but felt such support from those around us.

Our hearts were in the right place, and I believe that, for the time, it was exactly what we were meant to be doing…God brought about that dream for both of us for different reasons.

Our friendship strengthened. Our creativity broadened. And, our dreams grew exponentially.

I am so thankful for the growth in both of us these past 5 years. The changes and turns life has taken have made us into forces to be reckoned with…As a matter of fact, someone recently called me “an unstoppable force”, a nickname I plan to keep.

So, to get to the place of confidence I find myself now, I contribute a lot to that time 5 years ago…

And, I’m so glad it happened.


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