I know it’s Sunday, but it’s a good day for a 5 Minute Friday post.

This week’s word: Listen

Ready? GO

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”
– John 10:27

I learned something about sheep recently: sheep out in the field will go to their shepherd just by the sound of the voice.

Even among a ton of sheep, they recognize their own shepherd’s voice…

For an animal known for foolishness, that’s pretty amazing.

How doe they become able to do such a thing?

Time. The shepherd’s spend time with their sheep, talking to them, guiding them. They know where to go because they can follow their shepherd’s voice.

We have the same arrangement with God.

We cannot recognize His voice unless we spend time in His presence – real time listening. But, also obeying.

As we listen, we may be led to do things we don’t want to do, to go places we don’t want to go. Things may scare us.

But, when we know His voice, when we are truly listening, we can trust He is leading us in the direction that is best for us.

I wish I had a formula for how to hear His voice – but I know it is often different for each of us.

For me, it has never been an audible voice. It’s a deep, deep feeling; a thought & picture that comes up over & over in prayer. A sense of peace as a decision is being made. A gentle nudge or whisper in my heart.

But, I spend time in prayer, waiting, listening for what He would impress upon me.

I don’t always get it. I don’t always listen, I don’t always obey. But, the more I do, the more I recognize His voice, and the easier it is to listen and obey.

He even told us it would be that way, and each day, I want to get better at being a sheep who recognizes His voice, who is known, and who follows Him.


How do you learn to recognize His voice? How does He speak to you? Let me know below. I’d love to hear thoughts from others on this topic.

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