To “You Who I Don’t Yet Know”

That’s the title of a poem I wrote for an English project my freshman year…of High School.


That’s when I started praying for my future husband, at least a little…

So, that’s 13 years…13 years of prayers, and even of some letters/poems to him & about him.

In college, the prayers increased, as did letters in what I affectionately called my “husband journal”.

Over the past few years, it has shifted more to praying for him than writing to him. (But, I do have quite the gift in the works to present him on our wedding day πŸ™‚ )

I was recently talking to a friend I graduated college with, and as we talked about relationships, I mentioned that we had both been wanting that relationship, and she mentioned, “I mean, you think about him more than I do. You know, cuz you’re always praying for him, and you write to him.”

Why do I do this?

Because I care.

I care about myself & my future husband. I care about our marriage, not just some wedding day.

I care to have a marriage that is lasting & strong, bathed in prayer, able to withstand the troubles of this life (and they are many).

I care that God is always at the center, in front of each decision, guiding my life & his life.

I care that God is the most important thing for both of us.

I care to have a man who is truly in love with Jesus, and truly in love with me.

I care to become a person worthy of the man I am praying for, even if having a marriage is not something God has planned for my future.

Because, I am worth that. And, “he” is worth my prayers.

This week’sΒ Tuesday @ 10Β topic isΒ Care.Β Head on over and check out other responses to this topic πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “To “You Who I Don’t Yet Know”

    1. Thank you for reading & your kind words.
      Believe me, I am definitely enjoying being in the moments God has brought me to. I simply know that my future has a brighter glow if it is bathed in prayer: I do the same for my ministry opportunities, my career, and my friendships (and this blog). πŸ™‚

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