Forget…to remember

This is my first Five Minute Friday post for a hot minute. But, I’m glad to be back at it. It’s a fun community of writers, gathering each week to post on a certain topic, writing for 5minutes, no extensive editing, no over-thinking. Go check out what the other writer have to say on this week’s topic:



Sometimes, it benefits us to forget…

To forget the evils of this world – focusing only on the goodness of our Abba.

To forget the hardships that have come against us – thinking only of how blessed we are.

To forget the voice in our head, calling us names, telling us how we can’t do things & matter so little – listening only to the truth of Christ in our lives, that we are well loved, fearfully & wonderfully made for a purpose & called His beloved.

To forget the aches in our heart – allowing ourselves only to feel the joy of the Spirit.

To forget where we hoped we would be – living in the moment God has brought us to.

To forget that we are utterly fallen – relying only on our redemption in Him.

Sometimes, we need to forget – in order to remember, and to have our souls awakened in love again.

So, maybe, just for tonight, we forget…


Is there something you need to forget in order to remember?
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