How many times have I asked this question?

In the past week alone…?

When will I graduate…?
When will I be able to start my career?
When will this transition be over?
When will I meet “him”?
When will I actually start living how I say I want to live?
When will I finally be a “grown up”? (Then again, do I 
really want to be…)

Those who have read previous posts know that I’ve referred to myself as a perfectionist, and that my anxiety hinges on this need for things to just fall into place.

I get so caught up, sometimes, asking when, that I get derailed from actually making things happen.

I forget that I have the power to set things in motion, simply by doing.

That life I want for myself? Sure, I can’t make a “him” appear for myself, but I can begin (or continue) to work on other aspects of that life: career, family, friendships, spirituality.

That me that I want to be? God is shaping me into that, and the process goes a lot smoother when I submit to the hand of the potter.

So, when? 

I don’t know, but I’m starting to really just enjoy the journey on the way there.

This post is part of the Tuesday @ 10 link up over at Finding the Grace WithinThis week’s theme is WhenHead on over there to join the fun! And, let me know below how you handle the big question “When?”

2 thoughts on “When…

  1. Dear Candace, Although I am further along in my life, I still have when questions. By the time I was 27, I had two small children. This is reflected in my blog on “when”. My career is a nurse and I deal with much mental health just in a different way. My best friend is Dr. Michelle Bengtson and she will be publishing her book #HopePrevails in August, we would love to have you check us out to see if you are interested in sharing on a launch team in the future. Dr. Michelle Bengston.com will get you to her blog. She is an amazing lady just as I think you are. Stopping by from Tuesday at Ten. When I went to check on my blog it was an old one, go figure. Happy Valentines Day. Blessings Diana


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