Ode to Joy

This week is my last Tuesday @ 10 of the year! And, the wonderful topic is: Joy.

Joy is having re-runs of Psych playing on Netflix playing while I type this.

Joy is having fresh elephant coloring pages to fill with beautiful color.

Joy is having goldfish & fruit snacks in the house – especially at crucial times of each month.

Joy is the absolute enjoyment of my single life. My alone time. My allowed selfishness.

Joy is trusting that even though I am single right now, somewhere down the road, someone is out there waiting for me.

Joy is the quiet hours of late night – creating art, reading, writing…sleeping.

Joy is the smell & feel of a brand new book. Or an well loved book.

Joy is family dinners, laughter with my sisters, and quality time with loved ones.

Joy is holding my adorably squishy little niece & nephew, playing with the kiddos, and spending time with my best friends.

Joy is pushing myself to enter new social situations. Fellowshipping with others. Surrounding myself with other Christ-followers.

Joy is a lit Christmas tree – surrounded by family, looming over presents. Representing the light of Christ born for my redemption.

Joy is music playing – warming my heart, stirring my emotions.

Joy is spending time with my Abba. His word in front of me, my heart open. It is being willing to be used of Him, reflecting on Him, surrounding myself with His people.

Joy is waking up each day of a very stressful week, being able to say “I can do anything for a day.”
“I can do all things through Christ…” (Phil. 4:13)
“I work for God, not for man…” (Col. 3:23)
“Live a life worthy of the gospel…” (Phil 1:27)
And, actually trusting God to go before me, strengthening me for each day.

Joy is knowing that I have struggled with depression & anxiety, and come out stronger.

Joy – its a beautiful thing. And, it comes straight from Christ in me.


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