Accessibility in Ministry

Hole-y jeans. An oversized flannel shirt. Hair clipped back. Not a speck of make-up on. 

The speakers rolled out late 90’s/early 2000’s Rock (not censored).

This was me a few weeks ago – what was happening in my car when i dropped my younger sister off at a movie. A movie that is…questionable…

This was after sleeping in too late to make it to church or to Sunday School that day.

It’s mornings like those that make me question my calling to be in ministry. I mean, think of that picture…Why would He use someone like that…?

This week’s Five Minute Friday theme was to “Choose Your Own Word”…The past few weeks, two words have been on my mind:

Accessibility & Ministry

You see, after thinking about the above scenario, I realize:
It’s my failures, my weakness that make me accessible.

And Accessibility makes for deeper ministry & relationship.

My constant, day in & day out relationship with Christ; my desire to know more of Him – is what makes up for it. This allows Him to be strong in my weakness.

And, it is this accessibility that makes me more connected to ministry leaders I work along side, work under, and learn from.

When ministers share somethings of where Christ has the opportunity to move within their life, I often walk away feeling that they are more accessible in ministry.

And, recently, I have been ministered to by  a blog from Liz von Ehrenkrook. She is bravely open about her journey in really homing in on her beliefs. It is in her bravery & her openness that I have been greatly ministered.

You see, these thoughts are on my mind because, I have always felt that, perhaps, I could be a minister’s wife – working along side of him in ministry.

Then, I have mornings like the one above.
And, I remember that, I usually envision perfectly put together women as pastor/minister wives. They sit on the front row. They are always perfectly dressed & made up. They always say the right thing & speak softly.

Do they ever get angry? Do they ever have bad days? Do they ever have doubts or questions?
I’m sure they must, I mean, they are humans, right?

My aunt is the only pastor’s wife/worship leader I know that I don’t see as perfect, but, I realize, that is because of our relationship. She is bravely real with the women’s ministry. She is beautifully open with family & friends. She is accessible. And, her ministry has blessed me more than most.

But, that’s the beauty of ministry. It comes in so many forms, and from so many places, if we are open to it.

And we can be used if we are simply accessible.

My great-grandpa left behind so many Bibles. We each (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren) go one when he passed (there were enough for all, only those who wanted one, took one).

Miss Clara (fictional character from War Room, which has been recently released, and I highly recommend it) Anyway, Miss Clara has her War Room – her prayer closet. She prays so much, for everyone.

That’s a ministry right there. Both of them.
I still open my Bible up, seeing his scratched out, taped in notes. feeling the worn leather bend beneath my touch. Bathing family, friends, and home in prayer.

And, in my openness and relationship, I hope to always bring Glory to my Abba in my ministry. And, hope I can leave a legacy behind in doing so. A connection to others in ministry.

3 thoughts on “Accessibility in Ministry

  1. I’d love to know which blog post it was that spoke to you! Of course, I’m honored you would not only share my words but support me in my writing journey, as well as my belief journey.

    I think so many times we get caught up in the “right” way of doing ministry that we forget how simple it truly is – to be accessible, open and honest. Love reading what you are processing and learning!

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