I just sent off my inquiry about setting up an interview to volunteer at a nearby children’s hospital.

A year long commitment.

Sunday, I agreed to help with our young adult small group, as well as child-check-in once month.

Commitment: unknown. Likely, however long I am in the area.

I just sent out my request to also serve in the weekly youth group as a leader.

Commitment: again, likely as long as I’m in the area.

Today, I showed up to work with a pulled muscle in my back (still not feeling the best) – and I put all I have into it. And, it was a good work day.

Tomorrow, I will be getting back to my new work-out routine. Getting back into a healthier state.

I have told those around me, that I am open to the idea of being set up – they can find me someone, put in a good word.

Recently, I picked up a new devotional book to kick my devotional time into a higher gear – no plateaus for me 🙂

And, why have I done these things?

Because I am determined.

Determined to make this move matter.

Determined to make my life the life I dream of, the life God intends.

Determined to be reminded of how wonderful my life in Him really is, and what His voice/direction really is for me.

Determined to be open to anything He may throw my way.

Determined to help make this world a better place, to see His Kingdom come, to live a more abundant and authentic life.

I am determined.

Determined to have the best life I can have – the best life He will open up to me.

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