Value of Home

Often, when we think of the word “value” we think $$$.

How much did it cost? How much are you going to spend? Is it worth the price?

These are all questions we ask about things.

But, the value of many of the items we have in our lives goes beyond the monetary expense.

For example: the laptop I am using is valuable to me. Not only did it cost me a good chunk of money after my old one effectively bit the dust; but, it is on this device that I pen this blog. It’s on this device, I do my business stuff, and prepare my forms and applications. There is so much more value to this device than just the money spent.

A home’s value is more than just the money spent.

Whether a house for which you are paying into a mortgage or some other dwelling for which you are paying rent, the value goes beyond the dollar signs.

Where does a home get it’s value?

Love. Laughter. Camaraderie.  Hope. Safety. Faith. Trust. Self Care. Warmth.

The list of things goes on and on, and may be different for each person.

For me, these are what mark the value of home. It’s about more than the money spent.

It’s about laughter shared. Memories made. Character built.

The value of home, to me, is Love.

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