How Home Should Feel

The manager was talking about specs as she opened the door.

But, as I walked in, I was no longer listening.

*AAAHHH. This is it. This is home.*

As soon as I walked in, I knew, this was the place for me. I had no idea how I would make it happen, nor any clue when I would actually, realistically make the move.

But, this was the place.

The soft carpet. The beautiful kitchen. A spacious bedroom with a spacious closet (a closet that rivaled my previous bedroom in size).

And the windows?! The sunlight simply filled the space with beauty and light.

I knew I couldn’t apply right then.

At the moment, this was all a dream. One that would be out of reach for a few months, at least.

Recent cross country move. No job. Down to about $300 to my name that I would need for bills & food & gas.

But, when I walked in, I knew: This is how home should feel.

So, I’ve been praying for it:

Job? Check.
Roommate? Check
Improved Credit? Check

A month without work is the longest I’ve gone since my Junior year of college. In 7 years, I have worked hard & struggled often, but I’ve made it. So, a month – and now I have that job. I still await my first paycheck, but it’s coming.

By the first of January, I should be ready to move in and get settled, along with beginning the next part of the career I’ve been working so hard for.

A grown up place to match my new grown-up life.

And, I’ll start in a place that feels exactly how home should feel.

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