Appreciating Home

The total of days needed to make up in this 31 day challenge is now 5.

This weekend, I was out of town, and unable to post, since I didn’t think through the travel when I took this on…

Come back to me — my bed whispered the entire time I was gone. 300 miles away, unable to respond to the call.

I don’t know about you, but being away always makes me appreciate home.

Being in California made me appreciate Oklahoma; being in Oklahoma helps me appreciate California.

People say “home is where the heart is”, and, on a broader level, that may be true.

But, for me, home is where my bed is. And any night I spend separated from my bed makes me appreciate home even more.

Which is why I have a rule, if I am within 100 miles of my bed, no matter how late, I will drive home to sleep in my own bed. Even if it is silly, like I could stay with a family member to avoid a long drive, I will still make that drive.

Because home is where my bed is, and anytime I spend away makes me appreciate it that much more.

*Sigh* Welcome home 🙂

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