5MF – Family

“Love begins at home, and it’s not how much we do…but how much love we put into that action” – Mother Theresa

“I cannot people today, mom”. 

That’s an actual text I sent my mom yesterday morning.

Blurry eyes attempting to focus on the figure in my doorway – an impossible feat without my glasses. That’s how I started my morning yesterday, after only about 4 hours of sleep.

“Cani, I think I left my shoes in your car.” Baby Seester is trying to get all ready to go to school.

So, I reach over the side of the bed to try to get my keys, as she lifts the barking pup onto the bed with me, knowing the pup won’t stop barking until she’s snuggled with someone.

I haven’t lived with sisters in 9 years.

Nine years ago, I went from being the oldest sibling taking care of everything to being an only child half way across the country. But, now I’m back, and picking up the old role quite well.

Too well.

But, that’s what family is – or at least, what it’s supposed to be.

A group of people who take care of each other, helping out in the hard times, celebrating the good times. Sustaining each other when they can.

Little seester has already moved away to school. Trying to figure out this whole “grown up” thing a couple hours from home.
Baby seester is a teen now. She only has a few precious years left before blazing her own trail.

And, that’s part of why I came back.

Soon, we’ll all be grown ups, all having to do life at our own pace in our own places.

When that happens, I still want to be a family – no matter where we go.

So, I came home. I left family to return to family.

Everywhere I go, I have family.

But, this? This is where it started. This is more preparation for the future. This is a chance to do it right, do it with love. This is where I get to put what I have learned of love into practice.

It started in the home. Not by what I do, but by how much love I put into it.

So, even though I know I still “cannot people today”, I still wake up early and take my sister to school before beginning my own important tasks – because it’s family.

Because – Love.

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