Home for my Calling

I am an introvert. By nearly every definition and example.

Headphones in? Check. Door closed? Check. Book or movie in front of me? Check.

Whatever I can do to secure absolute alone time, especially in the wee hours of the night, when the world is at it’s darkest and quietest. That’s my time.

My heart absolutely recharges there.

However, no matter what calling or career I felt was on my life, my dream life & ministry always involved a home to host in.

Especially groups of teenagers, or my children’s friends. Or my friends.

Bible Studies. Football games. Coffee (hot chocolate?) dates. Movie nights. Pizza parties. It goes on.

In my mind, I always had a place to do these things. And, the times that I have had that has made me very happy.

My soul responds so well to having an inviting space to share with others, but to also have my own time. To live out my introvertedness, that at times masquerades as ambivertedness. A place to be loud & goofy at the right time, but to also settle down for my own quiet time, devotion time, and writing time.

See, that’s what I have been called to: a true introvert called to ministry. Spending my time counseling others, sharing with others, listening to others, writing for others.

But, with a spirit that recharges in quiet solitude.

It’s how my Abba has wired me.

And, in that calling, I desire a place to manage it all. (And, hopefully, one day, the right person to share it all with).

Though, it’s not in my current reality, some day soon, I am trusting God will open that door once again: a place to serve, and a home from which to serve.

This is what home is all about, after all, isn’t it…?

2 thoughts on “Home for my Calling

  1. I know what you mean about being an introvert. I work from home and it’s definitely within my comfort zone. But there is something special about hosting a group of people over. Looking forward to your other posts!

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    1. I love that homes are so good for those special times when we host friends and create community. But, as introverts, it is definitely our comfort zone to be hidden away at home with those we love most.


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