Mini-Goal #1

So Excited to announce that I am only 1 lb away from my 1st mini goal. Once that goal is hit, that will be about 6.5 lbs down since I “started” in December.

Honestly, I could have gotten further, but, I didn’t try as hard, wasn’t so focused, and often found myself extremely stressed. But, believe me, being so close to the hurdle of this first goal is a big encouragement for me to push forward.

As I was talking to my friend (who also happens to have experience personal training & body building, shaping his body into what he wants), we were talking about goals & how I have a hard time deciding on them; and he asked me about my weight.

I hate sharing my weight (which is why I haven’t done so here…)

“I know, you’re not supposed to ask a woman her weight, but, it’s kinda my job,” he said. Then he started guessing. And, his first guess was 25lbs off – in the good direction.

See, I already look smaller than I am. And, this is why setting goals is hard, because, short of Anorexia, the number on the scale will never be as small as I think it should be.

So, he & I talked goals. “How about size 8? Or a 10, 8 might be too intimidating at first.” he asked.

“I was gonna start with getting down to a size 10 and seeing how I feel. And go from there.”

“Ok, go buy a size 10, and that’s your goal.”

Just talking it out with him helped a lot. Size 10. That’s actually been the goal all along, even the first time I was trying to get away from my biggest size.

But, before I go out and buy a size 10 to work towards, I have another goal: photo (1)

That’s a pair of beautiful Daytrip jeans I have owned for about 6 months now – and they barely fit when I got them. But, I fell in love with them. And, now, they definitely fit better, but not quite right.

However, when they do fit properly, they are going to be “those jeans” – the feel good about myself jeans. Every girl’s got to have a pair. You know, the ones that make you feel as good about yourself as a piece of clothing can.

And, to kick start this progress: No More Soda. It’s my addiction of choice, and it’s impeding progress. It’s got to go – completely. Caffeine withdrawal or not. (Look for a guest post over at Laura Noelle’s soon about using Essential Oils to help weight control & soda kicking).

Along with this, I have what I’ll call a Bonus Goal: while these jeans fit, I want to wear them on a date. You know, work on my confidence, while working the great jeans. Anyway, it’s about time to put myself back out there again.

You see, my ultimate goal is to have confidence in myself. Not to be perfect. Not to be “skinny”. But, to be comfy in my own skin.

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