During the Night
Reality falls Away
Eliminating Fear
Making my 
Spirit Alive & New

Such a BIG word for me right now – as graduation approaches, reaching some body/fitness goals (see tomorrow’s #WorkItWednesday post), searching for a new job/internship, continuing to pray/hope for the romance department.

And, I’m holding on to Promises God made long ago. Promises that He has a plan for me. That He will take care of me. That I won’t be alone.

All he asks is that my focus would remain on Him.

I forget that part, sometimes. Focusing instead on the cares of this world. Sometimes on what I call “dreams”, which really are not, and simply serve to steal my peace.

Yet, when I refocus on Him, pouring out my soul & allowing Him to stir me up, the passion re-ignites. His dreams come alive in me and I am inspired to once again move forward.

My dreams?

A life focused on Him. One that reveals Him to others and builds His Kingdom.

Do I know what it will look like?

Not exactly. But, I do know it will be/is filled with love, beauty, and passion.


My Spirit Alive.

(Dreams ©Candice Jenee’, 2015)

Thanks for reading this week’s Tuesday @ 10 post. Head over to Karen’s little corner of the internet to read more!

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