Seek – T@10

"Seek & Find" bible journaling
“Seek & Find” bible journaling

After 31 days of writing, I was tired; and didn’t know exactly what to post next. So, I gave myself a break, knowing a Tuesday @ 10 was coming soon. This week’s topic is:


As someone who has been a believer much of her life (pretty much all of it), and an active participant since 8th grade, sometimes I forget that seeking is a continuous, ongoing process. Sometimes, I feel like I know all I need to know (and much of the time, I still fall terribly short).

Recently, thanks to Pinterest & Instagram, I discovered Bible Journaling,  a way in which women (and, perhaps some men) are staying engaged in studying God’s word.

My Bible Journaling – a creative way to interact with His Word.

And, I was immediately hooked.

A new way to get His Word to jump out at me. A new way to interact with Him. A new way to work the creativity He has instilled in me into our time together. A way to continue to hide His Word in my heart, so that I can grow.

Then, another kind of this journaling, where women were keeping prayer & scripture journals – Faith journals.

Like mine above, today’s quiet time based on this simple word, one I need so greatly in my life right now as a few things seem to be falling apart & threatening me to take my eyes off of Him & what He has been doing in me the last month.

The poem below came from tonight’s quiet time:


Guarded, I come;
Bewildered by your
Perfect Love.
A reject, filthy at heart:
Waiting; Watching.
The wave of Grace
Washing clean the filth.
Seeking the delicate love.
A gale force to be
Reckoned with.
A beautiful seal
On my once broken pieces.
Seeking the dreams
You’ve placed within,
Long forgotten in the
Seeking quiet
In the storm;
And a fix in my need.
A remarkable meeting
In the darkness
Of my night.
Guarded I come
Seeking You.

© Candice Jenee’ 2014

3 thoughts on “Seek – T@10

  1. Wonderful post! I think my blog is my Bible Journal … not to mention my photography art is another way for me to be creative with God’s Word in a way it gets into me and to other’s that I share it with on my photography blog and on other sites! I love this idea and followed your link to your Bible Study page … awesome. And finally, but definitely not the least … Your poem! LOVE! Beautiful!
    Thanks so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the poem. I am not familiar with Bible Journaling, but jumped over to the board and love the concept. there were some really need graphics. I am not much of the artsy person, but I know children love visuals.
    Thank you for sharing.


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