Day 11 – Purpose

Today, I had a day off! It was wonderful.

I spent time with Laura Noelle (who, by the way, is doing a Pintober challenge over on her youtube channel…check it out). She and I went and saw The Box Trolls (it was interesting). Then, we went to lunch & shopping for crafting/art therapy supplies.

Then, I spent the afternoon crafting & painting. It was glorious 🙂 I came up with a great idea for use in therapy with kids/teens, painted the prayer request box for our youth group, and a personal, inspirational quote painting:

One of my favorite TV quotes right there on my nifty burlap canvas, now hanging above my desk (though it will probably be moved soon).

This quote gets me every time, and it is how I try to live my life.

And, as I was thinking about life, I realized there is another 3 part mantra I live by. One that, to me, wraps up God’s calling for every one of our lives:

“…Act Justly,
Love Mercy,

Walk Humbly with God…”
      –Micah 6:8

Tonight, as I read these words, I could hear Mr. Feeny whisper them to me, just like we all heard him utter the above line in that iconic TGIF ending.

Then, I read them as God was washing them over my heart, I heard an ending exactly as Mr. Feeny did all those years ago: “I love you all.”

Because, though I can get caught up in What’s my purpose here?! What am I doing with my life?!

The answer is already before me, right there in His Word for me to read, leaving me no questions as to any Beloved’s purpose here: Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly with God.

(And, funny thing, if I will just do what God asks of me, I will actually end up following Mr. Feeny’s words too, because they follow so well…)

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