FMF – Care (Day 10)

It’s Five Minute Friday! I have 5 minutes to spare to work on my 31 day challenge, right? Of course I do 🙂

This week’s word? CARE

Ready? GO:

Yesterday, I wrote about change, and two of my big changes lately have to do with self-care.

And, all this month I’m writing about the beloved.

In English, we have so few words for some things, like love.

But, another word we often use is care. “I care for you.”

It’s often the filler we use for love when we don’t mean the really deep love…

We use it for others & we use it for ourselves.

Care… it’s another way to say our feelings towards someone are at the very least affectionate, if not deeper…

But, i decided to look up what it really means, and I was surprised:

as a noun:

  • a state of mind in which one is concerned; worry, anxiety
  • a cause or object of worry or concern
  • protection; charge
  • serious attention

as a verb:

  • to be concerned, have a thought or regard
  • to wish, desire, or like
  • to have special preference

I found it interesting that there is more intensity to it: it is a cause for worry & concern. It’s protective. It is a desire & a  like. It receives our serious attention.

And, I wonder, do I treat those I love with care? Have I been treating myself with care?

I’m not sure that I always do…do you?


4 thoughts on “FMF – Care (Day 10)

  1. Hi neighbor! I can see I used the wrong word this week ( I think I used last week’s …oops!). Self care is something I just started changing for myself too. I realized I was really out of whack in that area, so I changed my schedule around and I have been feeling so much better. I don’t always make time for it either, but something new has stirred inside me and I have decided to take charge of my health in a few different ways. Starting the morning out with reading a devotion and taking a walk has been one thing. I find it easier to remember to care for others than myself. I think a lot of women do that though! Have a great weekend and that is great that you are doing a self care thing now!

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    1. I’ve had a few weeks where I got the word wrong, one week, I was able to play it off, but others I have backed out once or twice, so I’ve totally been there.

      In todays busy world, the self care aspect can be so hard! I will be praying that God grants you that peace and centering when you have your morning time with Him.


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