My Hands

Here at the blog, I like to participate in a little get together called Five Minute Friday. Each week, Lisa Jo Baker puts up a topic on her blog, and a slew of us blog about that word. 5 minutes. No over-thinking, no over-editing. Just writing. I’m usually a little late (for instance, last week I didn’t write until this Tuesday).


Ready? GO

Today, my hands have done a lot. Turned off the alarm. Explored the facebook app. Moved the blanket for just a few more minutes of sleep.

There was the getting ready, the drive to pick up my check, and the trip to the bank and store.

My hands made sure my lunch found it’s way to my mouth; ensured my laundry found it’s way to the washing machine; and got my favorite show in for background noise for my day.

Then, came the baking: chocolate chip & sugar cookies.

The make up went on, the hair got fixed, the outfit put together.

Finally,  just as I am getting settled in to bed, my hands put my favorite Rom-Com in the DVD player, a gentle lull before bed.

But, though my hands did all this today, my hands are made for so much more:

My hands are a blessing. A blessing for writing. A blessing for art making.

My hands are meant for holding: others hands, babies, puppies.

My hands. I am thankful that they work as they should & that they do so much for me…

And one day, I look forward to using these hands to take care of a family as I take care of myself 🙂




How are your hands a blessing?


2 thoughts on “My Hands

  1. Yes, you are right. Our hands are made for so much more – loving others, serving others, caring for others. Once you begin a family, your hands will have so much loving to do. Thank you for sharing.
    *an FMF neighbor dropping by


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